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Papers On Specific People (Religion)
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Saint Augustine's Gradual Rejection of Manicheism
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In 6 pages, the author discusses Saint Augustine's gradual rejection of Manicheism. Using 'Saint Augustine's Confessions' Books Five and Six, the logical argument against dualism, the scientific argument against determinism, the philosophical argument against materialism, and Saint Augustine's growing interest in Catholicism are presented. No other sources are cited.
Filename: PCaugman.doc

St. Augustine and Marcus Aurelius
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A 3 page paper comparing the two philosophers and their views on the nature of the universe as well as how we should react to others. Both believed that there was only good in the world. St. Augustine's view was that evil was either the absence or perversion of the good that exists. Marcus Aurelius maintained that the universe is a rational one and that any event serves to maintain the universe as being rational. If anyone believed himself to have been wronged, the belief was a flaw with the one taking offense rather than with the one committing the action. No sources listed.
Filename: KSaugust.doc

St. Augustine’s Confessions: On Time and Truth
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The first eight books of Augustine’s Confessions relates his life before he finds the truth in God. After accepting God as the foundation for knowledge he begins to seek answers to the questions that seem eternal in themselves: what is time and what is truth? This 5 page paper interprets Augustine’s Confessions as meaning that the mind is the harbinger of time and the conceptualization of time, therefore time and truth may very well both be subjective and eternal in nature. Man’s salvation is predisposed according to the use of time and the interpretation of truth. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: KTaugtrh.wps

St. Augustine & Aquinas / Philosophical Views on the Problem of Evil and Man's Separation from Goodness
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This 10 page paper considers the religious and philosophical arguments that have existed regarding the nature of evil and man's propensity for it in the natural world. This paper begins with a presentation of the Christian view of good and evil that stems from the Book of Genesis, and then relates this notion of evil to the arguments presented by theologians and philosophers St. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: Goodsep.wps

Religion in Ukraine
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A 5 page paper which examines the history of religion in Ukraine. Aside from very early times, which bore pagan beliefs, Ukraine has been, since the 11th century, a Christian state, much like the rest of Europe. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: RAukraine.wps

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